Using our Grinder


Bottom of the grinder is a kind of canister. You can easily remove that part to get your ground coffee. Shape of the bottom part can be cylinder or globe. Actually, there’re no differences between two shapes. It just depends on your choice. Some people think globe ones are more ergonomics.

There is a nut (screw), which gives you the opportunity of adjusting coarseness. You can change the adjustment by screwing up or down the nut. So, your grinder can be adjusted for ultra fine coffee (for Turkish coffee), or a coarser grind suitable for other brewing methods, such as French-press or espresso. For example, if you want to have Turkish style fine coffee, you should screw the nut as tight as possible. There’re two final tips about using your hand coffee mill. You shouldn’t keep extra beans in your mill. Otherwise, you may get a metallic aroma from your ground coffee. Also, you shouldn’t adjust the nut when there’re coffee beans inside of your mill.


Why Should You Clean Your Turkish Mill?
The main reason behind cleaning a hand coffee mill is to get rid of the oil coming from coffee beans. If you don’t clean your mill, then rancid oil and other coffee residue will probably ruin your delicious coffee flavor.

How to Take Care of Your Mill?
Please, don’t forget, moisture is the biggest enemy of your Turkish mill! So, you should avoid from cleaning it (especially internal parts) with water. If you’re obsessive about using water, you should clean only external parts with water, and of course, then you should wipe it thoroughly. Ideally, you can clean external part by wiping it with a damp cloth. The best way to clean internal parts is to use your grinder! Just add some coffee beans or rice into your mill and grind them. By doing so, you can remove production residue within the grinding mechanism. Additionally, you can also brush out the inside parts as best you can with a small brush, such as a tooth-brush.

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